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Enough Loss, Enough Grief, Enough Fear, Not Enough Meaningful Action

Even in the aftermath of the worst mass school shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, the GOP has doubled down on their pro gun policies. Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed that he will make Florida a so-called constitutional carry state. This would allow people to publicly carry firearms WITHOUT PERMITS.

DeSantis has pushed hard on conservative issues in his quest to become the Republican Presidential nominee in 2024. Serving red meat to his base, his list includes a 15 week abortion ban, prohibiting transgender equality, protecting children from the word GAY and book banning through false claims of CRT. Does he really believe these positions make children safer? If DeSantis really wants to protect the children of Florida he should look directly to his gun policies. There is no logical reason to allow people to carry guns in public without a permit , criminal history check or safety training.

DeSantis claims to have a commitment to freedom and goes so far in saying “In Florida, we have to put freedom first”. How free are we if we can’t go to work, the grocery store, church, concerts, nightclubs or schools without the fearing that we might get shot? When will we learn? When will HE learn? Why are our lives less important than your weapons? DeSantis fails the children of Florida. He claims he wants to protect our children, but his policies do not. Governor DeSantis, when will you put your own desire for power ahead of the lives of children?

It’s time for the voters in Florida to say ENOUGH! Flip every local seat by voting BLUE down the ballot. Protect the children with your vote. Send a message. Vote them out so our children can be safe.



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