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Biden Brings Tax Relief to Floridians

Ron DeSantis takes credit for tax relief? Oh no you don't Ron! Let's set the record straight.

$5.8 billion in federal funds from President Biden’s CARES Act helped Florida avoid a deficit in FY2019-20 and FY202-21. The Biden Administration’s CARES Act boosted economic recovery much quicker than anticipated and another massive influx of federal aid allowed the 2021 Legislature to pass the largest budget in history. This left DeSantis with a record amount of reserves to provide tax relief.

Part of this additional federal funding is $5.3 billion of the $8.8 billion in federal stimulus aid the state is expected to receive from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund (CSFRF) in the American Rescue Plan.

DeSantis announced tax cuts calling his tax break package, "the largest in state history". He neglects to mention that without support from the Biden Administration he would not accomplished this for Floridians. It’s no surprise that DeSantis assailed Biden’s stimulus plan as wasteful but is now eager to take credit for its successes.

It should be no surprise that DeSantis carved tax relief to large businesses and corporations heading into an election season The tax cut package also includes favors for businesses, who often double as campaign donors.

Shame on you Ron DeSantis!


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