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Florida Democratic Party Making History

Today, the Florida Democratic Party announced the launch of Blue Shift Florida, a $15 million statewide organizing effort.

Blue Shift Florida represents the Florida Democratic Party’s first ever statewide coordinated campaign. With record investments in organizing, voter registration, voter protection, and data infrastructure, Blue Shift Florida will build the foundation for Democratic unity, and institutionalize our vision to build a Democratic Party that can compete and win in Florida in 2022 and beyond.

“Nothing like this has ever been done in Florida. The record investments that we are making are part of a long-term strategy to unite and mobilize all Florida Democrats. Blue Shift will build the foundation to institutionalize unity among all our candidates, county party organizations and stakeholders, year-round work and staffing during on and off years, develop a joint strategy and budget, and foster a team organizational approach where all participants assume responsibility and benefit together," said Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz.

"Blue Shift will register voters, mobilize Democrats for races at all levels, sustain itself over time and make smart and efficient investments. Blue Shift will compete in all 67 counties building out neighborhood teams across Florida. This $15 million effort is just the start, and with the unity shown today by our candidates and stakeholders, I have no doubt that we will Shift Florida Blue,” continued Diaz.

Blue Shift will be funded with contributions from the Florida Democratic Party, U.S. Senate candidate Val Demings, the campaigns of gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist, Nikki Fried, and Annette Taddeo, the leadership committees for Florida Senate Democrats and Florida House Democrats, the campaigns of Cabinet candidates, labor unions, and other state and national affiliated organizations.

Quotes from Blue Shift Florida supporters:

Representative Val Demings

“I’m proud to work hand-in-hand with Democrats throughout the state to build a bilingual, grassroots movement that will take back Florida,” said Chief Val Demings. “We are fighting from the Panhandle to the Keys, leaving no community untouched and no voter behind in our fight to protect Florida’s families, protect constitutional rights, and elect people committed to that fight, up and down the ballot. We are in it to win, and together I know we will.”

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schulz

"Florida Democrats are united in battling the barbaric Republican policies that punish communities of color, women, LGBTQ+ families and children. We will achieve this by rallying behind a Blue Shift Florida grassroots campaign that competes across the state with major investments in voter registration and protection efforts to win in 2022 and beyond. While Republicans strip women of their reproductive rights and ignore families' kitchen table needs, Democrats fight to lower costs, tackle climate change, keep the pandemic at bay and create high-paying jobs. Blue Shift Florida will deliver that winning message throughout our election season."

Representative Charlie Crist

“Elections in Florida are about turnout, reaching voters in every corner of our Sunshine State. Blue Shift marks the earliest start to a coordinated Democratic statewide effort, ever. United, we will run the most coordinated field campaign Florida has ever seen, win up and down the ballot, and prove that this remains the most competitive swing state in the country.”

Nikki Fried, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture

“Florida has become one of the least affordable places to live in the country. Assaults on our freedoms, from our freedom of speech to a woman’s right to choose, are being eroded at an alarming pace. We can no longer afford to suffer from a Governor and state leaders that care more about their own political careers than the well-being of the people that they were elected to represent. That is why we must all stand strong, together, with a unified voice, and with a clear message: we will not surrender our liberty. We will not give up without a fight. The front line of this battle for our nation’s heart, soul, and spirit runs from Miami to Pensacola. It’s right here in Florida. I am proud to stand with the Florida’s Democratic Party to lead this fight. I hope you will join us.”

State Senator Annette Taddeo

"I’m proud to join the Florida Democrats Blue Shift program. This last legislative session and now the leaked draft ruling from the Supreme Court feel like we are in a 1950s horror movie. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done and the only way we can accomplish it is by investing early and making sure we reach as many people as possible. The last time a top of the ticket Democrat won in Florida was 2012 because of the overwhelming grassroots support that President Obama was able to generate. In order to win, we need to get back out to every corner of Florida and win back a diverse coalition of voters so that we can truly make our state work for everyone."

Florida Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book

"As Republicans continue their efforts to strip Floridians of our rights and freedoms, Democrats are uniting, organizing and making record investments to build a solid foundation for victory. Florida Democrats fight every day to provide economic relief to Floridians struggling with the growing affordability crisis, to expand Medicaid, fully fund public schools, keep our communities safe, promote equality, and protect women's reproductive rights. Blue Shift Florida will pave the way for those winning Democratic messages to reach voters, motivating them to the ballot box in 2022 and beyond.”

Florida House Democratic Leader Evan Jenne

"The Florida House has become a breeding ground for culture wars and bad policy. Our residents struggle to live in a state where Republicans are constantly taking away our freedoms while doing nothing to make Florida more affordable. That’s is why it’s more important than ever for Democrats to unite and build real, long-term infrastructure to support our candidates up and down the ballot. Blue Shift is the beginning of our collective effort and we are proud to be a part."

Lucy Sedgwick, President and CEO of Ruth’s List Florida

"Ruth's List Florida was founded on the premise that early support of candidates, from organizing to fundraising, is crucial to victory. That's why we're especially excited to be a part of Blue Shift - the earliest start to a midterm statewide coordinated effort by Democrats in Florida history. With the Supreme Court about to overturn Roe v. Wade, and Florida's 15-week abortion ban going into effect this summer, the stakes couldn't be higher. That's why we're working to elect a record number of Democratic pro-choice women this cycle, and with this coordinated effort, we will be part of charting a new course for Florida's future."

Adam Hattersley, candidate for Florida CFO

“I’m so excited to be a part of Blue Shift, the Florida Democratic Party’s coordinated campaign, for the 2022 elections. As a combat veteran, I know the importance of early planning and investment to make sure the mission gets accomplished successfully. Blue Shift is about EVERYONE that makes up the Democratic Party, with a level of coordination never before seen in a midterm – and is ready to get our boots back on the ground so we can all work together to safeguard Florida’s future.”


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