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Join the June 24 “Yes on 4” RALLY

June 24 "Yes on 4" Rally
Now is time to sign up for the June 24 "Yes on 4" Rally in West Palm Beach.

Join us MONDAY, JUNE 24 in the fight for reproductive rights in Florida as we supporters of women’s healthcare take to the streets in West Palm Beach to rally for the “Yes on 4” ballot initiative.

WHAT’S THIS ALL ABOUT? Florida's Amendment 4 ballot initiative. If passed by voters on Nov. 4, it will add an amendment to the state constitution that will reverse the devastating vote by Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature to ban abortions in the state after the 6th week of pregnancy.  The ban, passed in 2023 and implemented May 1, 2024, is one of the harshest in the country because it leaves very few exceptions for the health of the mother and requires a 24-hour waiting period at a time that most women do not even know that they are pregnant.

WHAT’S OUR GOAL? “We have a real opportunity to make swift change here in Florida,” Laura Lippo, the organizer of the demonstration said. “The choice is now in the voters’ hands, and they have the power to reverse Florida’s antiquated law.

“The main goal of the rally is to excite and inform the voters. The people of Florida don’t even know what the laws are and that they have the power to change them. This is how we reach them.”

WHERE WILL THE DEMONSTRATION BE HELD? In front of the Target at 1760 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in West Palm Beach.

WHEN: 5 p.m.-7 p.m., Monday, June 24

WHY JUNE 24? It is the 2-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the Roe v. Wade ruling that had made the choice of abortion a constitutional right for all American women for 49 years.

WHEN DOES FLORIDA VOTE ON AMENDMENT 4? The amendment is on this year’s Nov. 4 ballot, meaning you can vote that day or earlier by vote-by-mail or at early-voting sites.

WHAT DOES THE AMENDMENT NEED TO PASS? A YES vote from at least 60 percent of Florida’s voters.

FOR MORE INFO: Email Laura Lippo at


The overturning of Roe was big, but it's only a part of the madness being instigated in this country right now by those who want to consolidate their power, control our bodies and silence our voices. Let's show them with our signs, our voices and our votes that we are bigger. Let's make this Day of Action happen in West Palm Beach.



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