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Mast Puts Treasure Coast Last

Governor Ron DeSantis announced that his administration was providing the Treasure Coast $2.7 million for infrastructure improvements and redevelopment. He continually fails to mention the funds came from Biden’s America Rescue Plan.

In Fort Pierce, the state will help pay to reconstruct aging utility infrastructure, reconstruct a portion of Indian River Drive, make pedestrian safety enhancements and improve the historic Moores Creek Bridge, all to benefit the upcoming 8 acre mixed-use King’s Landing site.

The Job Growth Grant Fund is an infrastructure and workforce support program. The fund covers job training and public infrastructure projects rather than providing dollars directly to businesses. The Job Growth Grant Fund, which lawmakers stocked this year with $50 million in federal coronavirus recovery dollars approved by Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden.

More importantly, Congressman Brian Mast also voted against securing these funds for his constituents. This is one of many times Mast votes against the economic interests of his district. Voters must understand that the GOP is taking sweeping credit for programs funded through the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act. Using photo opportunities to pander to voters is blatantly dishonest. The behavior is disappointing but not surprising. Democrats deliver and the GOP starves the country.

Brian Mast's record reflects a pattern of neglect. Hold him accountable for his votes. Mast continues to put his district LAST!


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