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Become an Active Democrat!​

If we want If we want to “Flip Florida Blue," we need to start today.

  • Become a member of a Democratic club. Hear informative speakers expound on important issues and meet fellow Democrats. Here's how to join the North County Democratic Club now.

  • Help register voters and collect signatures on referendums.

  • Become a precinct captain to encourage Dems to vote in your neighborhood.

  • Write letters to the editor of your local paper expressing Democratic values.

  • Talk to family and friends who are NPAs about Democratic values.

  • Call your elected representatives about pending legislation and lobby them on your Democratic views.

  • Contact a Resistance group and march with them.

  • Support Democratic candidates with your time and money.

  • Run for office.

  • Help get out the vote on the weeks prior to and on Election Day.


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