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VOTE OUT DeSantis Appointed Supreme Court Justices

The terms of five Florida Supreme Court justices will expire in 2023, and for that reason they will appear on the ballot this year in 2022. They are Jamie Rutland Grosshans, John D. Couriel, Ricky Polston, Charles Canady, and Jorge Labarga.

DeSantis has shown a preference for candidates with ties to the Federalist Society, which is a conservative legal group. His three previous picks moved the court in a more conservative direction. Taking into account everything that is happening at the national level, we expect the court will face a number of high-profile cases in the near future, including an abortion ban. According to Florida’s court system, five justices must participate in every case and at least four must agree for a decision to be reached.

Vote NO to retain these judges in our Florida Supreme Court. Ricky Polston, Charles Canady, Jorge Labarga, Jamie Rutland Grosshans and John D. Couriel are Republican appointees and must go!. THIS IS OUR ONLY CHANCE TO VOTE THEM OUT!NO


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