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Continue to Feel Healthy: You Can Prevent the Repeal the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has delivered:

If you are feeling better these days, it's because you are better. Your protections guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act are impacting your life in good ways.

Medicare has been expanded in many states. Florida is not one of those states, yet, due to choices made by our current state government, but that will change when you elect Florida legislators who vow to expand Medicare coverage for you.

Visit the ACA website today to make sure you are enrolled in the best plan for your family. And consider supporting Democratic candidates for Florida State Legislature who will vote to expand healthcare for people like you. Announced candidates so far are Rachelle Litt SHD 94, Tae Edmonds SHD 88, Debra Tendrich SHD 89, and Mack Bernard for Senate.

Call your candidates now to tell them why this is important to you, because their opponents are promising to repeal the ACA, and your benefits. The action you take today will make us all feel better tomorrow.


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