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The beginning of the end of a woman's right-to-choose in Florida.

We know where our current Governor and his Republican Legislature stand on Roe vs. Wade and Women’ s Freedom. It has never been more important that we defeat Ron DeSantis and ensure a Democratic victory in 2022.

Overnight reporting from Politico stated that “The Supreme Court has voted to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court”

If this ruling stands, each state will be a battleground over a woman’s choice, meaning a governor will be the strongest safeguard against anti-choice legislation in their state. Only the state will be able to codify a woman's right to choose into state law. FLORIDIANS RIGHTS ARE AT RISK!

This ruling will impact women in our state looking for abortion services at places like Planned Parenthood and no doubt would bring new laws to Florida. The overturning of Roe empowers each state to make its own laws restricting a woman's right to choose. Many already have some form of abortion ban laws in effect that would be triggered by the ruling. The results will be catastrophic for women who are young, poor, and from marginalized communities. Many of these women will not have the time, resources, or ability to travel out of state.

Roe has been law for almost 50 years, and Democrats — who almost universally support it — have won five of the past eight presidential elections. Our current Supreme Court is legislating from the bench and we cannot expect them to stop with the freedoms of women.

According to Forbes and Gallup the vast majority of Americans support the right to choose in some or all cases. Ron DeSantis and his Republican Legislature has chosen to ignore the majority of Americans and want to severely restrict access to abortion. They must be defeated.

What will the women of Florida do and how will their allies support them?

Democrats must ensure that DeSantis and his Republican Legislature lose their reign of power. Our “true” freedom will die at the voting booth if Floridians don’t vote them out. Vote like your rights depend on it. Organize, educate and GET OUT THE VOTE!


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