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What is your love language?

The start of the Presidential Election is just around the corner, and there is no better season for getting out of the house, connecting with people, and informing voters throughout the community.

You may have heard of the Five Love Languages as a popular tool for understanding how one prefers to express themselves. We believe we can also use them to find a meaningful volunteer experience.

Discover volunteer opportunities based on your love language:

❤️ Quality Time

Become part of our team. Find a good match for your strengths and build lasting friendships along the way. We spend lots of quality time together, as we work to empower others.

💚 Words of Affirmation

A few kind words can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated and understood. Use your gift of communication by writing letters or reaching out to voters about issues that affect them the most. Inspire voters with your words and witness their positive response.

💛 Physical Touch

Shake hands with people. It's a powerful connection that goes straight to the heart. Join a tabling event. Work directly with people in the community to help them know their voter status. Converse with voters to learn what's important to them.

💜 Gifts

There is no better gift than one that is truly needed. Donate directly to NCDC and join the club. Your donation goes directly to voter outreach, which produces Election Day victories. Click here to support the cause.

💙 Acts of Service

All volunteering is an act of service, but if this is your love language, you prefer an approach that addresses a specific need. Find a project that best suits you, and feel how much your service is valued by others.

Let's unite in showing our LOVE of democracy. Let's show Florida and the rest of the nation what we can do. Tell us all about your love language by emailing us and volunteer today.


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