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Witkop off to rousing start

  “What I am proposing is a mass movement for justice and peace in our region. A democratic movement. An inclusive movement."

Witkop off to rousing start
Democrat Thomas Witkop off to rousing start Sunday night at Jupiter Lighthouse Park

Democrat Thomas Witkop’s campaign to unseat Brian Mast got off to a rousing start Sunday night with a rally of more than 70 supporters, plus television, radio and social media coverage. An impressive turnout in the middle of a pouring rain.

  By showing up, voters of the Treasure Coast and northern Palm Beach County showed just how seriously they want change.

From St. Lucie County, Martin County, Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens – from all parts of Congressional District 21 – they braved the inclement weather seeking an answer to their desperate need for a change in their representation in Congress. Gen Z, Baby Boomers and generations in between overflowed the meeting room at the Jupiter Lighthouse to listen to words of humanity, compromise and reason from a young unknown. And they came away with a sense of hope from and for their young worthy.



  “Democracy can solve problems! When the government and people speak to one another and exchange information effectively, the United States can fulfill its reputation as the land of opportunity and a beacon of democracy. 

  “Thank you all so much for coming to engage in our democracy, today! It is you that have encouraged me to run in support of our American ideals and it is you that could be anywhere else, but you're here under this beacon of light, supporting our democracy.

  “But I have to be careful how much I talk about ‘democracy.’ When I mention it with some of my friends and mentors, they say, ‘Enough about democracy! I'm tired of people telling me I gotta save our democracy. I needa pay rent!’ Democracy can sound so high-minded, out of touch, an abstract idea only explored by political scholars. But I have news. By being here, you are all supporting the oldest existing democracy in the world. 

  “I thank you for coming out today and thank you for giving me your time. 

  “When I first graduated college, I taught English and shared my little piece of America in a refugee community in the Canary Islands. It was there I discovered the reputation of the United States of America. Not only did the students I worked with see us as a leader in sports, and fashion, and (admittedly) TikTok, but they also spoke to me about America as a place where you could work hard and be anything. If you asked 10 of them where they wished to live, nine would say America. 

  “With this newfound understanding of our reputation, I moved to Florida. Of course, I was attracted to the reefs and woods of Florida as I enjoy snorkeling, spearfishing, and hunting. Not to mention my girlfriend, Melody, was working here as a teacher. 

   “I found a job at a nonprofit in Jupiter that helps day laborers achieve self-sufficiency and helps them and their families integrate into our American culture. I met people who had fled countries where a dictator took over and who decided to come to a land where they could work hard and give a better future to their kids. They spoke of the American Dream in the same tone as those I met abroad.  

  “They reinforced my understanding of America as a leader, citing its opportunity for education and economic mobility. 

  “But it also was confusing, because it conflicted so much with what I heard from my friends and saw in the community around me:

  • Friends saying they would never be able to buy a house. They can hardly afford eggs!

  • Work stories from Melody about students who have given up hope despite our teachers going above and beyond.

  • Storms like Hurricanes Ian and Michael ravaging communities and driving up home insurance prices while our representatives refused to take action on climate change or invest in hurricane mitigation measures.

“I also noticed this government dysfunction impacted my friends’ and neighbors’ belief in our democracy: 

  • Many told me they stopped voting because neither side can or wants to solve problems. Some even went as far to say elections probably weren’t free and fair anyway. 

  • They’d tell me they’re tired of hearing people yell at each other while digging heels deeper into party divisions. They are tired of our representatives placing blame rather than solving problems, creating hostile tribes rather than community, pushing the process out of reach rather than engaging voters.

“I understand why folks feel this way, but we cannot turn our backs on democracy and we certainly cannot buy into fraudulent claims that our elections are not free and fair. 

  “Instead, we must push for representatives who want to help the people even if that means working with someone from another party. 

  “As your representative, I will help the system help you by contributing to a functioning democracy. 

  • A democracy where politicians work together to come up with solutions rather than sabotage bipartisan efforts to position themselves for the next election. 

  • A democracy where we accept the results of a free and fair election even if it’s not our guy. 

  “If we have a functioning democracy and concrete solutions, we can continue our path as the leader of the free world, as we have since our founding.

  “In the process, this campaign will strengthen our democracy:

  • We will engage more people. Not just more young people, but anyone who has lost touch with our democracy. Through rallies, volunteerism, and, ok, even TikTok, we will make politics more accessible for Americans. We will get out the vote. John Lewis said the vote is our duty and privilege. If you don't use your vote, you will lose your vote.

  • We will give voters a choice of someone who believes in the legitimacy of our elections rather than someone who voted against certifying our election. We will honor the work of dedicated volunteers on both sides to ensure our elections are fair.

  • We will draw in the disenchanted, those who are tired of the venom. As a candidate, I will engage in a functional dialogue with people to show them a leader can have strong beliefs and be passionate about them but still speak with civility. I will create a dialogue that addresses problems. We will demonstrate civil discourse not only as leaders, but as neighbors. Talking with our neighbors and community is the foundation of our democracy. 

  “What I am proposing is a mass movement for justice and peace in our region. A democratic movement. An inclusive movement. The campaign will create a resilient network of organizations, non-profits and Democratic Party clubs across the Treasure Coast. 

“Through our work, we will be allies in our goals and support each other as we steer our politics away from cynicism and toward productive dialogue.

   “If we can talk to one another, we can innovate creative bipartisan solutions.  On a national level, we can expand accessibility to quality education, prepare for and prevent catastrophic storms, and productively and ethically manage the chaos at our Southern border. At a local level, we can dive into the community with volunteer programs like a Homework Club where you help struggling students catch up in class.

   “Solutions and compromise will inspire trust in our democracy. Thank you!”


  And speeches like this inspire us.

  You too can help bring beneficial change to Florida Congressional District 21 and to the nation. Volunteer and donate to "Witkop for Congress" by clicking here.

Witkop off to rousing start
Witkop campaign logo


*North County Democratic Club does not endorse candidates until after the primary in August 2024

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Feb 19

Great recap of what I also heard from Tom Witkop. I’m inspired by his words and the crowd that attended. There is HOPE!💙

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