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DeSantis's Cagey Flights

Governor DeSantis's recent stunt of flying legal asylum seeker to an island off of Massachusetts called Martha's Vineyard from the state of Texas with a stopover in the panhandle, was not only mean, but may have broken some laws. And it seems to have enriched some friends of the GOP with taxpayer money. If this isn't a crime, it is certainly a colossal waste of taxpayer funds to the tune of at least $615k going to a flight school named Verto with rumored connections to the Kremlin. The national press seems to be ignoring the criminal angle but there are some independent investigating journalists reporting about it on Twitter.

As an aside, we learned on Twitter that over $300k was raised and distributed to the migrants who, now, because they are legally allowed to stay in the United States have the means to settle in Florida anyway. DeSantis really didn't think this through.

Here are some of the independent investigative journalists on twitter getting to the bottom of DeSantis's stunt. We are counting on them to find out who Perla is.

There appears to be another flight headed to Delaware. Another Twitter sleuth is reporting on it.

Let's not forget that anti-choice DeSantis would throw women and asylum seeking migrants under the bus if it could improve his polling. His latest stunt is certainly meant to distract voters from focusing on Women's Rights, soaring rent/housing costs and home owners insurance prices. The money spent on this political stunt should be financial relief to the residents of Florida. He doesn't care about his constituents. DeSantis is only focused on the Oval Office of the President.

Shame on you Ron!


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