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Upcoming Election Recommendations

Palm Beach Post Recently Made these Primary Recommendations 8/11/2022

U.S. Senate (Primary):

Val Demings (D)

U.S. House (Primary):

Dist. 22: Deb Adeimy (R)

Dist 23: Jared Moskowitz (D)

Dist 23: Jim Pruden (R)

Dist. 20: Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (D)

Governor (Primary) :

Charlie Crist (D)

Attorney General (Primary) : To be announced.

Agriculture Secretary (Primary) : To be announced.

Florida House (Primary) :

Dist. 92: Kelly Skidmore (D)

Dist. 93: Tom Valeo (D)

County Commissioner (Nonpartisan):

District 6: Matt Willhite

School Board (Nonpartisan) :

Dist. 3: Karen Brill.

Dist. 4: Erica Whitfield.

District 6: Marcia Andrews.

Dist. 7: Corey Smith.

Circuit Court Judge (Nonpartisan):

Group 23: Alcolya St. Juste.

County Judge (Nonpartisan):

Group 9: Paul Damico.

Port of Palm Beach (Nonpartisan):

District 5: Deandre Poole



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